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Not such a big bike ride…

We arrived back from Spain on Thursday evening. We were relieved that we were able to get out when we did! We thought we would post some pictures taken during the days when we were actually doing some cycling! We also wanted to thank you for your support comments and encouragement while we were away. It really meant a lot and helped us to stay positive and grounded (metaphorically) during the time in our Malaga hotel.

Campsite in Estepona
Steep push into Alora
Great view from the Hotel in Alora
From Alora to Lucena
Need to smile more….
The roads were quiet!
Ride from Antequera to Malaga
Happy times..

We also wanted to thank those of you who sponsored us. We managed to raise £1500 in the short time we were away in aid of St Leonard’s Hospice and Hospice Africa and though we couldn’t achieve our goal of reaching Norway we are hopeful that when things settle down again we will be able if not to start again where we left off exactly but to take on a new long distance cycle-touring challenge. One with less dual carriageways and flatter terrain! We like to think of this as a dress rehearsal!

Love and best wishes to everybody

David and Lesley


2 thoughts on “Not such a big bike ride…

  1. A dress rehearsal. What are you two like? Glad you are back safely. I love the photos. Not sure about campsite. No grass. Take care.


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