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In March 2020 York we will cycle from Gibraltar to Nordkapp the Northernmost tip of Norway.  A distance of about 7500 km!

We were inspired to do this after reading a book called “From Spain to Norway on a bike called Reggie” by Andrew Sykes.  Lesley also retires at the end of February 2020 and wanted a project to aim for when she finished work

We have been preparing for the trip for a number of months deciding on bikes and the equipment we need.  We have also spent an increasing amount of time in the saddle: we will be aiming to cycle 60 miles per day on average and the trip will take around 3-4 months.   We will be camping some of the time but will also spend some nights in hostels and the occasional hotel.

We will be following Eurovelo routes which criss-cross Europe similar to the UK National Cycle Network.  We will cycle along the Mediterranean coast of Spain then up the Rhone valley in France the Rhine Valley in Germany before catching a boat to Denmark.  We then cycle through Sweden pass briefly through Finland before arriving in Nordkapp hopefully in late June or early July. 

We have both done a number of cycling and running events in the past including marathons and triathlons but this is an altogether different challenge.

The pace of life will be very different to our professional lives as GPs which can be hectic and stressful.  The journey will be amazing; seeing different views on every day, visiting cities, meeting people and sampling all the local cuisines. 

We are seeking sponsorship for the ride and will be riding in aid of St Leonard’s Hospice York and Hospice Africa

Links to Virgin Money Giving to follow!

Not such a big bike ride…

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