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Malaga day 2

We are coming towards another day in Malaga. I think we are getting used to it now! We went down for breakfast to find the room empty but lots of food! For a moment we thought we might be the only guests but it soon filled up and felt more normal. We are only allowed to walk outside if we satisfy certain criteria. Fortunately that includes going to buy food. Yesterdays supermarket wasn’t quite up to Waitrose standards but todays was much better though we had to wait to enter; one customer out one in! Well stocked shelves and no panic buying. More masks today though. We would have liked to stretch out the time but the police are entitled to levy on the stop fines if you are out without a valid reason.

Sushi for lunch!

We are still trying to sort out getting the bikes back to the uk with a lot of assistance from Nick and Carrie in Wales. Unfortunately it is not going to be easy to sort. The best solution would seem to store the bikes here and then sort a courier later. We are still working on it!

Reading and social media keeps us occupied. We actually ventured out again this afternoon to get some more exercise and some Vit C tablets! The Uno also made an appearance; I wished it hadn’t. Lesley has the luck of the devil!

We also explored the option of coming home sooner and it did seem a goer initially but then the prices got stupid.

We have also taken part in a moving group activity. At 8 pm all the citizens of Malaga open their shutters come out onto their balconies and applaud for 5 minutes. We had been told that this was to show appreciation to the medical services but it also seemed to be a gesture of togetherness and unity in face of adversity. It made us smile and holler along with them.

Another picnic style tea with a bit more wine and this time some dancing! Nice

To add to Dave’s wise words: Uno is amazing! Dave thrashed me at Rummy! Feeling smug about the unnecessary water bottles I have carried that kept hot water hot for tea at lunchtime and the camping mugs, bowls and cutlery that we have now used, especially for the freshly ground black pepper we were able to sprinkle on our salad


6 thoughts on “Malaga day 2

  1. Really relieved to hear that you’re OK and very pleased to hear that you’re keeping on top of the situation! The picture you painted of the local inhabitants – shutters, balconies and applause was very poignant. You’ll just have to organise some community singing now …

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  2. Hi guys. So sorry to hear you’re having to come home but probably the right move in these extraordinary times. Hope you get the bike issue sorted and safe travels. There will be more adventures ahead 👍

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  3. I just managed to get one of the last flights out of Mallorca to the UK yesterday, after visiting the building work at our house there, so immediately wondered how both of you were on your cycle trip. Good to hear you are safe and well and interesting to read about your experiences. I do hope you are safely home soon.

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