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1 week to go!

In 7 days time we will hopefully be in Gibraltar. Coronavirus permitting! It has been a busy week in many ways; Lesley retired as a GP on Thursday after 28 years with Priory Medical Group so lots of finishing off handing projects over etc.She had 3 leaving do’s with various teams and it has been an emotional time.

David has also finished work and starts a 5 month sabbatical to enable us to do the ride. More hours on the turbo trainer and also outside. Yesterday David did a practice full kit pack. It felt important to know that we could get everything we are planning to take into the panniers. Success with room to spare. 20 Kg total weight followed by a 30 mile ride in blustery winds to make sure I could get up the hills! We also did some kit testing with our new stove and cooking gear. I also took my bike to bits to make sure it will go in its box for the flight.

An important aspect of the trip was to have someone to look after the house and our cats while we are away and we are really lucky that one of Gemma’s friends Vicky will be living in our house while we are away. Vicky moved in today to get used to the place and get to know how everything works.

The next few days will spent seeing friends and ensuring that we have absolutely everything we need (or think we need) before we head to the airport on Saturday


2 thoughts on “1 week to go!

  1. I did not realise you were retiring Lesley! But keep laughing and you will both go far! This is the longest anyone has travelled for Hospice Africa and we are so delighted to be part of your travels. You are in our prayers for safe cycling and success for 60 miles per day! Don’t lose too much weight! Eat well to keep your energy up. Look after each otherI Sorry I did not meet David but he m be much like you to take on such a trip!! I wish I could join you but the old bones would not make it!! Love and admiration to you both from me and our teams at Hospice Africa Uganda. We loved having you here and your visit was therapeutic!

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