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Gibraltar Arrival!

The final preparations are over and we have safely arrived in Gibraltar! After a week of goodbyes to friends, family and pets. Not to forget my car, which was sold the day before we left! Bikes were dismantled by Dave, Titan was packed in a cardboard box and 25 metres of bubblewrap (to be recycled!), Dora in an old bike bag purchased by Nick H for a small sum!

Vicky moved into the house to look after both the house and the cats and is looking forward to using the coffee machine and dishwasher! She already loves the cats, who seemed to know that we were leaving and were both very happy sitting with Vicky as we left! Peter drove us to the airport hotel in Manchester, having the only vehicle that could easily carry the bags, backs and us. Thanks Peter.

A night in The Clayton Hotel or rather half a night! Dropped at the terminal by shuttle, to find no trolleys in site… we eventually hauled bags, bike bag and box to “self check in” and bag drop. Lesley kept back in security meant a fast walk to the gate, only to be sat waiting on the tarmac waiting for a slot to fly over the sea and avoid the striking air traffic control over France!

Arrival in Gibraltar, the taxi, the hotel staff all amazing. Dave has reassembled his bike (Titan), now for a beer watching the sunset!


5 thoughts on “Gibraltar Arrival!

  1. Typical airports. I wonder why we do it sometimes. Thought you had always looked rather shifty Lesley:) I bet you were glad of that beer.


  2. Now just the small matter of 7500km. Weather looks amazing and you’ll soon be exploring sights, sounds and wonderful food of the med!


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