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Day 2 a change of plan

Yesterday we cycled from Gibraltar to Estepona. The first part of the trip went fine- straightforwardly crossing into Spain and starting to follow the Eurovelo 8 towards Barcelona. We headed inland and some gentle climbs before heading back to the coast road. We joined a dual carriageway which became busier to the point that we felt we needed to exit and find a different way to the campsite. Easier said than done. Having cycled along dirt tracks and asked the local police for help we finally managed to find the campsite. We managed to get the tent up and had a nice meal at a local restaurant. The next day we rejoined the A7 which was now very busy and we decided that we needed a different plan. To cut a long story short we have stopped in Marbella and spent most of the afternoon looking at alternate routes which dont involve heavy traffic. We also spent some time looking round the old town which was lovely. Tomorrow we will head inland away from the dreaded A7 which will mean some climbing but also a chance to explore more rural Spain. It will take us longer than we originally planned but will be a lot more scenic. We will probably need to stop more often too but then it was always going to be about the journey rather than the destination. We will aim for Valencia then take stock. The EV 8 is more cycle friendly from there. Heres hoping!


3 thoughts on “Day 2 a change of plan

  1. It’s a busy road A7 and it’s not peak season! Nightmare driving let alone cycling 🚴‍♀️! Watching with interest. The scenery inland is beautiful if hilly ! Take care and good luck. Be safe. Emma ❤️❤️


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